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As noted above, the launch of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization ( DEC ), for short - the DAO, whose main component will be the venture capital fund, is scheduled for 2023.

It will be a modern digital system of investing on the one hand and attracting investments on the other hand based on blockchain technology, which will make the investment process faster, simpler and less expensive by eliminating or reducing the role of intermediaries, lawyers (attorneys), auditors and clearing agents . DAO will make it possible to invest in more legally reliable algorithms and eliminate the administrative barrier of finding parties in different countries, which will significantly increase the ability to attract and invest in interesting and most promising and profitable projects, and facilitate their entry into “free and successful swimming”.

Anyone who holds DAO tokens will be able to invest through the DAO. In turn, everyone will be able to purchase tokens by registering a transaction through a smart contract system. It should also be noted that tokens are automatically awarded to members of the club and they automatically already initially participate in the DAO in a fraction of the volume of tokens belonging to them. At the same time, any member of the club can replenish his token balance at any time by investing additional funds.

Each token holder has a voting right in the DAO in the amount of a share of the volume of their tokens. If a person gives back tokens, then they are “burned” under a smart contract. It is worth noting that in view of the market formation of the token price and its initial nominal value of $ 0.1, it makes sense to increase the token portfolio at an earlier stage of development of the club as a whole and of the DAO in particular. Since the main phase of the growth of the token exchange rate will logically begin with the launch of the DAO and the financing of the first investment projects.

The main focus of venture fund investments, which logically follows from the name, is high-risk investments in startups and existing business in the field of information and digital modern innovative technologies:

  1. These are projects that change the world and create completely new modern systems of people's life.
  2. These are projects that erase any boundaries on the way to their implementation.
  3. These are projects that open up infinitely the same opportunities for any person on earth.
  4. These are projects that give a start to a new world order and work according to completely different economic algorithms.
  5. This is the beginning of a new era in the development of mankind, the theme of which marks the entire 21st century in the history of mankind.

But it should be noted that in addition to the innovative projects mentioned above, in order to optimize venture risks and diversify the sources of investors' profits, it is also planned to finance projects of traditional classic types of businesses, which at the moment also have high relevance and stability in the world economy market.